In our firewood system we have tried to minimize the handling of wood as far as possible.

Moving or handling firewood causes use of energy, short transportation routes are therefore essential.

Our system for handling firewood provides efficient solutions for the whole processing chain of cutting, splitting, drying, storage, transportation and keeping of firewood.

The Multi cross-cutting device – a modern, advanced saw horse for chain saw. A chain saw, either electric or conventional gasoline chain saw provides low weight, flexibility and safety. Lots of logs are cross-cut in one single operation which makes cutting firewood both safe and rational. The time gain is particularly evident when cross-cutting somewhat smaller dimensions.

The firewood bundler enables you to handle firewood in a rational manner in manageable units. The bundles can be transported by hand, by carrier cart (3-6 simultaneously) or on pallets.

An environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solution – the chain saw and the splitter are only in operation during the working phase, which saves energy. The equipment consists of relatively simple and light space-saving components causing little harm to the environment when manufactured.

Ergonomy – the job is performed at working height and changes between different phases, sparing your body and enabling you to long working periods without symptoms of fatigue.

Economy – regarding the capacity - very good value for money.