Frequently asked questions

How much does one need to tighten the bundler twine when tying the bundles?
Due to shrinking of the firewood when drying the twine will slacken somewhat so excessive tightening is not required.

Isn´t there a risk that the bundles will fall apart if the twine is insufficiently tightened?
Short firewood in large bundles have to be handled with some care but normally you only need some practise to handle even loose bundles without problems. Loose bundles can be reshaped more easily which facilitates storage on pallets or transport by trailer.

Isn´t it troublesome to tighten the twine?
The bundles only need to be tightened if you want to sell them piecewise. This operation takes just a few seconds.

What is the weight of a bundle?
The weight varies due to moisture, sort of wood etc. A bundle of birchwood (60l) might weigh some 35kg and after drying 20-25kg. Aspen and alder etc. are lighter sorts of wood, ash and oak etc. are heavier. By using the Mini-bundler the weight of each bundle will be halved but the number of bundles doubled.

How many bundles are there in a cubic metre?
18 pcs of 60l bundles makes up one cubic metre of stacked firewood and can also be transported on a pallet.

Isn´t there a risk of damage caused by moisture when covering the firewood with tarpaulins?
The woodstack must not be covered all the way down to the ground but needs an air gap of about 60-100cm for sufficient ventilation. The lower part of the woodstack can be protected from rain and snowfall by e.g. garden fleece or landscape fabric.

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